What is the #1 Reason for Delays in your ERP Implementation?

By: Nir Orbach

The number one reason for most ERP implementation delays are data conversions of master and transactional data. To find out more on why this is the case, watch our latest video from Illumiti CEO Nir Orbach. In this video Nir Orbach will discuss what you should consider to avoid data conversions delaying your upcoming ERP implementation.

Data Conversion ERP Implementation Delays Transcript

Data conversions of master and transactional data are normally the number one reason for ERP implementation delays. While companies understand the data elements that exist in their current ERP systems really well and can effectively estimate the effort it would take to map these data elements into new data elements required by their new ERP software.

What’s much harder for companies to estimate is the effort associated with the creation of new data elements introduced by ERP software vendors in support of more efficient processes as well as improved reporting capabilities that these systems offer.

These are almost always associated with concepts that are new to customers and requires significant internal debate within the organization in order to finalize and reach effective conclusions as to their use. It is this time that is so hard for companies to estimate up front and it is advisable for companies to supply a sufficient buffer in order to cater for this time on their project.

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