Assessing Issues: How do you manage difficulties with your ERP system?

By: Shoshana Jamieson

We’ve all been there. First you feel a little twinge in your knee, maybe just the slightest pain in your hip. You think, “It’ll be better tomorrow.” Overuse, maybe—or just a sign of getting older. But the next day the pain’s a little worse, and even worse the day after that. How long does it take for you to go see the doctor?

If you’re like most of us, the answer is probably, “Too long!”

The same pattern holds true for problems with your ERP system. Many organizations experience little difficulties or inefficiencies and think of them only as bumps in the road. But, over time, the consequences of minor challenges can become compounded—and even small issues can end up affecting your productivity, your KPIs, even your bottom line.

Every day, we see organizations struggling with ERP challenges such as:

  • Inefficient user processes and workflows
  • Uncertainties around data accuracy and master data governance
  • Failing to automate key processes
  • Security challenges, including incorrect user groups and inappropriate user permissions
  • Inefficient reporting
  • Missed or missing functionalities
  • Training issues and critical knowledge gaps
  • And much, much more.

Even in situations where you have identified a problem, diagnosing the root cause and alleviating the pain can be a complex process that takes valuable time and attention away from day-to-day issues. Why struggle with these challenges alone? Just as you would go to the doctor for help with health concerns, so too can an external expert help you diagnose and address issues with your ERP system.

If you have identified a gap or other issue in your ERP system’s function, or have uncovered areas for improvement through a complimentary Illumiti Health Check, a Value Assessment can be an effective next step.

Illumiti’s Value Assessment is a deep dive into the complexities of a particular issue with your SAP ERP system. Our team of expert solution architects will provide both remote and on-site support to help diagnose the root problem and its cascading effects on your organization. Depending on the nature of the issues, key activities may include:

  • On-site process reviews, including interviews and workshops
  • Benchmarking surveys
  • System analysis
  • Pain point analysis and opportunity identification
  • Job shadowing to offer tips and tricks and identify automation and training gaps
  • KPI and Reporting Review Workshop

Your takeaway is a detailed roadmap to manage or solve the issue(s) and its associated pain. Recommendations are prioritized by degree of impact and ease of implementation, to set your organization up for both quick wins and long-term value. We also provide other recommendations on additional ways to optimize your KPIs and internal activities to support a process of continuous improvement.

Your ERP system is your organization’s information backbone. Even small “twinges” can be signs of deeper issues—which, when resolved, can help your business run smoothly and more efficiently. To learn more or book your Value Assessment, reach out to