What is Cloud ERP?

By: Dror Orbach

Cloud ERP uses cloud-based computing platforms to provide more flexible ERP solutions to organizations than traditional ERP solutions. Rather than investing heavily in on-premises hardware, software and data storage, organizations can work with reputable service and
hosting providers to obtain access to ERP solutions that host some or all of these system components in the cloud.

In this video, Dror Orbach discusses Cloud ERP and its benefits.

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What is Cloud ERP?

ERP in the Cloud means a lot of different things to different people.

For some people, ERP in the Cloud is about putting infrastructure in the cloud, having a computing infrastructure that's flexible and that's managed by a cloud provider and accessed through the internet.

For other people it actually might mean subscribing to a standardized application that he was by a lot of different people and that's run by a cloud provider. In that case the application would have the same code the same database the same servers that would be shared among all the different customers that use it.

Still others might think about ERP in the Cloud in a hybrid sense,  in other words they might have local functions like finance & manufacturing and they might still have other functions like human resources management, sales management, or procurement running in the cloud as a cloud application and that's a hybrid where their entire environment as both.

One of the first steps and actually determining whether you want to have ERP in the Cloud and what kind of ERP solution you want to have or how do you want to use the cloud is to actually understand what you mean when you say the word cloud and what benefits you actually expect out of the system.

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