Why Illumiti for Manufacturing

By: Steve Thomas

We at Illumiti are really excited about the world of Manufacturing in the small and medium sized enterprise moving forward.  In the following video, Vice President, Consulting at Illumiti Steve Thomas discusses why you should choose Illumiti when exploring ERP options in Manufacturing


ERP Manufacturing Video Transcript

We at Illumiti are really excited about the world of Manufacturing in the small and medium sized enterprise moving forward. Historically ERP implementation in the management space have really focused on inventory management and reduction of inventory and improvements in service level such as reducing cost of working capital.

However in today’s low working capital, low cost of capital environment and today’s world of increasing process automation and automation in manufacturing facilities there is real shift in emphasis happening. A shift from inventory management to asset utilization, asset up-time, maintenance of those assets and the ability to manage the capacity of those assets and at Illumiti we are uniquely positioned to deal with these things. Our long-term experience in the highly asset intensive industries, such as Mining.

We have developed a great deal of competency in the world of plant maintenance not only in reactive maintenance and preventative maintenance the sort of routine stuff. We are starting to move into the world of predictive stuff, leveraging in memory technology to manage predictive maintenance and have the system actually help you as the customer move through a much more dynamic form of preventative maintenance.

The world of capacity and managing those bottle neck on those assets and so forth has also been a world that has tended to be more restrictive to the large enterprise customers using advanced tools such as today's SAP APO ( Advanced Planner and Optimizer) but at Illumiti we have invested heavily in building a solution on the use of just leveraging underutilized core capabilities of SAP to deliver really robust solutions for capacity management and identification of bottle necks and efficient resolution of them in the manufacturing process and really extending beyond that traditional ERP world of inventory management into the world of really managing your assets keeping them up and utilizing them efficiently when they are up.

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