Is your ERP ready for tomorrow?

By: Steve Thomas

The scalability of your ERP system is critical for business. Your ERP solution needs to be designed and aligned with your business drivers, so as you grow as an organization, your system grows with you.

The following video of Illumiti VP of Consulting, Steve Thomas identifies some key factors to determine if your ERP solution is ready to grow as your business needs evolve.


From the ERP Scalability Video:

Traditional IT definitions of scalability have tended to be in the world of resource management and memory number of CPUs and things like that. Really server scalability, those kinds of things have become less of an issue in today's world in virtualization and cloud computing. What we're really starting to focus on from a scalability perspective is whether an ERP solution can grow with you as an organization as your needs of all that as you develop.

There are two fundamental ways that at the ERP solution needs to help you with this.

One is in the in the more visionary sort of sense does your ERP vendor have an ear to the ground and understand the evolution of business needs and constantly seek input from business partners so that they are enhancing the product and moving it along with the times and SAP through their industry councils and focus on on vertical industries, SAP does this in spades.

The other is, is the ERP solution designed to grow with you as you grow and as you move into other markets within two other countries and move into different locations around the world and take on different languages and things like that?   So really what we do is we focus on the multis. We focus, as your solution provider, on multi-currency support, multi company support, multi-lingual support, does it have a regionalization solutions built in,  the ability to handle the notice requirements in Brazil or golden tax in China.

Really what we're finding is that our customers have needs for solutions that will grow with them as they move into these markets and this is a real fundamental SAP strength in understanding these terms.