Why leveraging Geoffrey Moore's categorization of process is critical?

By: Nir Orbach

In the following video blog, Nir Orbach discusses why leveraging Geoffrey Moore's categorization of process is critical for ERP implementations.

ERP Process - Core vs. Context - Video Transcript

There's a lot of talk these days about leveraging industry best practices often embedded in the most modern and ERP systems. While this may be sound business strategy for the majority of business processes within a company, it is important to leverage business author Geoffrey Moore's categorization of processes into core versus context as well as mission-critical vs non mission-critical processes. Core being those processes in a company that offer its competitive differentiation. It is precisely because these processes offer companies their competitive differentiation that they're typically unlikely to be the processes for which it is worth while leveraging best practices. These processes typically requires some unique thinking and unique solutions from ERP systems.

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