A Better Way to Manage Commodity Risks: Five reasons to choose SAP Commodity Management over your current trading solution

By: Stephen Thomas

When talking to new customers about SAP Commodity Management, I often hear similar feedback: “We already have a process in place. Why fix what...

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Should you make the change to SAP Fiori?

By: Lorraine Howell

As with any ERP system, SAP wasn’t known for its great user interface. Even so, I still speak to customers who are reluctant to move to the new...

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SAP Commodities Management: Powerful commodity trading and risk management in your current ERP

By: Steve Thomas

With today’s volatile markets, effective commodity management can be critical to businesses’ profitability. However, for buyers of commodities...

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Hit the road: SAP makes life easier for Medical Device Distributors

By: Neal Johnie

Mobility is a fact of life in the medical device business. Chances are you have a large force of salespeople and technicians out on the road,...

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Command and control: How SAP Business One can help manage inventory for Medical Device distributors

By: Bertus Jacobs

Let’s face it: inventory doesn’t manage itself, especially when you’re selling products that can impact people’s health for better or worse. A...

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Implementing a self-service model – where to start?

By: Dror Orbach

There are many benefits self-service models can have within your ERP systems – including faster response times and reduced infrastructure needs....

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