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SAP SuccessFactors Talent Management: An Introduction to Recruiting and Onboarding Modules

Date: April 04, 2023
By: Sheila Miller

Tapping the Full Potential of Human Capital

SAP SuccessFactors is a scalable, cloud-based solution for human experience management (HXM), giving you a full suite of options to tap into the full potential of your people. In the first of a two-part blog post on its Talent Management capabilities, we spotlight two modules: Recruiting and Onboarding.


Recruiting – Putting the Candidate First

The candidate experience has a profound impact on how your brand is perceived. SuccessFactors delivers the most comprehensive global recruiting solution, including job distribution, marketing and candidate relationship management, applicant management, and analytics.

  • Designed around putting the candidate first, the Recruiting module gives you a centralized solution for recruiters, sourcers, business partners, and your hiring managers. With a responsive approach, candidates can search, apply, manage applications, schedule interviews, and accept offers—all from their mobile device.
  • SuccessFactors empowers recruiters by removing unnecessary manual steps from the process with embedded automation and rules, greatly simplifying their management tasks. Embedded intelligence and line-of-sight analytics allow your team to make their best decisions quickly.

The system goes far beyond an applicant tracking system (ATS). Maybe somebody applies and you didn't hire them, but you think they're a fantastic candidate for the future. Have them do a Quick Apply so you can market to them and stay connected. Target with campaign emails and track each time they click on the position being referenced.

The Position Org Chart provides a helpful view to hiring managers, showing all available positions, not just current direct reports. From this screen the hiring manager can easily create a job requisition for one of the positions with an effective date when the time is right.


At Interview Central, the hiring manager can see that he needs to rate a candidate that he has interviewed for an open position. He has already rated two of the candidates and can add his ratings, comments and thumbs-up/down indicator here for the third candidate, even from his mobile device.



Onboarding for a Successful Transition

The Onboarding module is both flexible and comprehensive, allowing you to manage all aspects of onboarding, crossboarding (onboarding for internal transfers), and offboarding programs through a single solution. The direct connection with the HXM suite of solutions and extensive ecosystem ensures that the transition from candidate to new hire and new hire to employee are as seamless as possible.

Embedded analytics and intelligence allow the system to deliver intuitive and personalized experiences for both the new hire/employee, as well as other roles that are so influential in the success of your programs. Whether it's operational reporting, new hire insights, or the business rules that power workflows, the system is continually enabling you to automate, learn, and optimize—helping to successfully transition new hires and employees in the most timely and efficient manner.

To ensure the successful transition from new hire to a happy, productive employee, it's imperative to deliver an onboarding program that encompasses both the short-term tactical elements—such as compliance forms and benefits enrollment—and the longer-term personal element. SuccessFactors Onboarding solution focuses on delivering a personalized experience that effectively balances what your company needs from a new hire and what the new hire needs from your company.


Onboarding goes beyond just that first day (or right beforehand) and doing all of your different tasks. Sure, it includes having candidates provide their personal information before they even start and completing their Form I-9. But it's also things like compliance forms, where to get information about benefits, the employee handbook, and policies and procedures. Anything you can think of can be included as a new hire task, whether it's writing a welcome statement from the CEO or President, goal setting for the new hire, requesting laptop/phone/business cards, assigning a buddy or mentor, or scheduling a lunch meeting on the first day.

Next Steps

Recruiting the right candidates and onboarding them effectively is the first step to comprehensive talent management and just the beginning of SuccessFactors' full scope. In our next post, we'll explore three additional Talent Management modules: Performance Management, Compensation, and Succession & Development.

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Tapping the Full Potential of Human Capital
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SAP SuccessFactors Talent Management: An Introduction to Recruiting and Onboarding Modules

Tapping the Full Potential of Human Capital
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