How is SAP User Experience made simpler?

By: Lorraine Howell

SAP User Experience Made Simpler

The SAP modern user experience is something that SAP has built that is personalized, responsive, and easy to use. I think in the SAP environment today, the use of the system needs to be what I like to call "Google easy". We know that all of the users that currently use systems, especially the newer generations are used to Google and the internet. If they come into an environment where the screens look very difficult and hard to use, they are not gonna be enthusiastic about their jobs. In order to be able to increase that enthusiasm and increase productivity, we have to consider how to improve the usability of the systems. How has this been done? How have we've been able to make things simpler?


SAP Fiori is one of the solutions that SAP has, that has made it easier for uses to use and experience the same feel on every kind of device. Whether it's a phone, a tablet or desktop, the experience stays the same across all of them. The second thing that SAP Fiori has done for users is it made it very role-based. When you come into a transaction that you have to perform on the device, it's  made for you. You don't have to think about anything, you just do what you would do every day.

That is how SAP Fiori has kept simple things very simple. There are unfortunately, a lot of complex tasks and activities that have to be done in SAP. For example, in creating a sales order there are many different people that are involved in this process. The sales representatives create the sales order by inputting a material number and quantity. Then there are the sales clerks that have to look at availability and then others who look at pricing. A complex screen like that could be very confusing to a user. What SAP has done is created SAP Screen Personas that enables you to go in and drag-and-drop fields,  remove fields that are not necessary for the function that you doing, and also be able to eliminate fields and tabs that you don't need. This is the way SAP is taken complex things and made them simple and kept simple things simple.