Important steps to create your ERP Roadmap

By: Nir Orbach

It is challenging to decide on what are the top priorities when embarking on an ERP implementation. Creating a roadmap will help establish your business objectives and provide a clear understanding and direction of your ERP implementation.

The following video of Illumiti President, Nir Orbach identifies some key techniques to help build your ERP roadmap.

From the ERP Roadmap Video:

When organizations embark on an ERP implementation it is often challenging to decide on priorities due to the breadth of capability and impact that these projects can have on an organization and the conflicting interests and desires by different departments to be first in line on this roadmap.

Organizations need to be careful not to bite off more than they can chew.

One technique that helps in prioritizing the various initiatives for a road map is to have a clear understanding of business objectives so that priorities can be mapped to ensure that the right objectives are actually met. it is important to have a manageable number of objectives meant for each phase of a project in order to ensure that risk is contained. At the same time, it's like Maslow's hierarchy of needs some basic needs that are essential in order to form a solid foundation for an ERP and once that foundation is in place additional elements can be added more easily.